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Sunday School

You and your family are cordially invited to join us in Sunday School / Bible Study as we come together at 9:15 A.M.  

Children and Youth Classes

Preschool Class (Ages 2 - 4)

Our preschool class caters to wiggly children and short attention spans. Through age-appropriate play and Bible learning activities, our preschool class helps our youngest children learn that Jesus loves them and that church is a great place to be.

Younger Elementary (Ages 5 - 2nd Grade)

Peek inside our Younger Elementary classroom and you are likely to see the children listening attentively to a Bible story or making a craft to reinforce a Bible point. Our curriculum for younger elementary children introduces the children to many classic Bible stories and helps them learn to live for Jesus every day.

The K5 - 2nd graders are learning how Jesus' friends showed His love through Bible stories and activities.

Older Elementary (3rd - 6th Grade)

Peek inside our Older Elementary classroom and you are likely to see "tweens" scrambling to look up Bible verses, doing a science experiment, or playing an active game to illustrate a Bible point. Our curriculum for older elementary students takes them deeper into important Bible teachings and has a strong emphasis on applying God’s Word to the situations they face every day at home and school.

The 3rd - 6th grade class is exploring the crucifiction and resurrection of Christ.

Junior / Senior High Class (7th - 12th Grade)

This class is taught by Cheryl Basil and Tom Henry and alternates Bible Studies with special topics.

The Youth class is currently studying the Old Testament beginning with the kings of Israel. They will continue to explore other subjects of the Old Testament.

Adult Classes

Agape Class

The Agape class is open to adults interested in a variety of religious and scriptural studies.

Friendship Bible Class

The Friendship Class is open to all adults interested in a variety of religious and scriptural studies. We practice applying Biblical teachings to our everyday lives. The class meets at 9:20 a.m. on Sundays in the Friendship Class room upstairs in the Celebration Center and have occasional social get-togethers.

The Friendship class is led by Dr. Robert Basil and is currently studying the New Testament Book of John for the winter and spring quarters.
Holman Class

Koinonia Class

This class is for men and women using various books for Bible study.

The Koinonia class has begun studying the Gospels.
Mary and Martha Class

The Mary and Martha Class is a group of ladies of varying ages who meet to study and discuss scripture.

The Mary and Martha class is studying the history of the Bible, and is currently focusing on the New Testament.
Parlor Bible Class

This is a class of young and young at heart adults and is taught by our Senior Pastor.

Pastor's Class / New Members Class

These classes are convened at the discretion of the Pastor or Pastors when someone has expressed interest in becoming a member of the church.