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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees takes all necessary measures for the protection, management and proper functioning of all property belonging to the Church.

The Trustees annually appoints a Treasurer, Financial Secretary and their assistants as necessary.

The Financial Secretary and/or the Assistant Financial Secretary, with the assistance of persons designated by the Board of Trustees, maintain the financial records of the Church.

The Treasurer and/or the Assistant Treasurer disburse funds as prescribed by the Board of Trustees.

The Trustees devise means to meet the financial obligations of the Church and prescribe rules for the collection, custody and disbursement of all current funds. The Trustees may call a special business meeting of the congregation to authorize expenditures for items not included in the annual church budget.

The Trustees oversee the fiscal operation of the First Baptist Church Day Care Center.

The Trustees are responsible for interviewing, employing, evaluating and terminating the employment of all employees not otherwise provided for in the constitution. They also set all salaries, wages and/or rates of pay for all employees of the Church.