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CD Ministry

CD GraphicOur Sunday morning Worship Services and other selected services are recorded and will now be available on CD at the Welcome Desk shortly following the end of the service.

This ministry began after we lost our radio ministry and the radio station which had been broadcasting our Sunday services was sold and changed their format.

During the past year this ministry has only been made available to shut-ins and those who couldn't attend services on an as requested basis. We now wish to "Change Our Format" and make them more available to everyone.

  • Did you miss the service last week?
  • Was the Message today especially moving and you want to share it with someone?
  • Wasn't the Music today beautiful and wouldn't you like to share it with someone also?
  • Do you know someone who is unable to attend services but would like to listen to them?
  • Do you have a friend, a relative, a co-worker, someone who is away at school or in the military that you would like to send a copy?
  • Do you know someone who was a regular radio listener, but didn't know this ministry is available?
  • Do you know of any nursing homes or extended care facilities that would like to have a copy for residents to listen to in their community areas?

All of the above are reasons you should pick up a copy and help spread The Word.


Because we have only been making a set number of copies available through the church office, and we are not sure how many additional copies will be needed at the Welcome Desk, don't be suprised if you find the basket empty. If this does happen, contact the sound tech in the sound booth or the church office and additional copies will be made available to you. Master copies are kept in archive.

Please Note:

You can also find Audio Files on this Website of Sermons, Scripture Readings and Children's Messages to listen to in your browser or download and listen later.

These Audio Files are found under the Media Center Drop Down Menu.