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Sanctuary Choir

Ours is a singing faith!
Now hear the hymns we raise, resounding, strong, the years along, and echoing our praise.
Ours is a singing faith!
In confidence we sing: creation’s throne is God’s alone, so joyous voices ring.
Jane Parker Huber (1986), from “Ours Is a Singing Faith!” (CCLI #719235)
The Sanctuary Choir is the “core choir” of the Music Ministry in weekly Worship services. The choir sings every week from September to June.
Rehearsals are held Wednesday evenings at 8:00 p.m.choir pic

Brian ShepherdThe First Baptist choir is open to anyone who enjoys singing in choirs and we welcome you to become involved in the music ministry of the church. Come and enjoy song and fellowship.

"There's room in the loft for you!"

Sanctuary Choir Director:
Brian Shepherd

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