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Constitution Revision

First Baptist Church
New Constitution Presentation

Article VI - Boards

  • Church Council eliminated - hasn't been convened for years.

Article VII - Board of Deacons

  • Number of deacons have been reduced from 15 to 12.
  • This number will be reduced by attrition over the next 2 years.
  • Shall appoint a member of their committee or a member from the church to ensure that any art displayed in the church receives proper care.
  • Shall determine if any art donated to the church is appropriate for display.

Article XII - The Nominating Committee

  • This committee shall consist of 8 members. Four shall be nominated by the committee and elected by the congregational members present at the annual fall business meeting. Each Board of the church shall appoint a member to the Nominating Committee to make up the four (4) members. From the 4 members-at-large, the congregation will elect a chairperson. Any vacancy of the 4 members-at-large group shall be filled by appointment by the chairperson.

Article XII - The Music & Arts Committee

  • Eliminated due to inactivity.
  • The majority of the duties were done by the music staff.
  • Sound system cared for by the Board of Deacons.
  • The art in the church has not been cared for or judged to be appropriate for display. This task has been assigned to the Board of Deacons.

Article XVII - Business Meetings of the Church

The Fall Business Meeting

  • Voting for all elected positions.
  • Transaction of necessary business.
  • Discussion of issues vital to the life & witness of the Church.
  • Presentation of the proposed budget.

The January Business Meeting

  • Annual reports of the church, boards and committees.
  • Transaction of necessary business.
  • Discussion of issues vital to the life & witness of the Church.
  • Approval of the final yearly budget.

Article XIX - Voting

  • Quorum is 10% of the active Church membership
  • Required Votes
  • Call a Senior Pastor - 90% of congregation.
  • Dismiss a Senior Pastor - 67% majority vote.
  • Amendments to the Constitution - 67% majority vote.
  • Purchase or sale of property - 67% majority vote.
  • Expenditure more than 5% outside the budget - 67% majority vote.