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Who we are

At First Baptist Church of Middletown, Ohio, we are an American Baptist congregation that is sharing Christ locally, nationally and internationally. Explore the links below to learn more about who we are and what we believe:

Mission statement
Core beliefs and values
Our affiliations

Mission statement

Glorify God

Revitalize worship where people encouter God in a deep and personal way. Welcome all people so they feel valued and connected.

Grow disciples

Provide opportunity for individuals of all ages to grow as Christians, reflecting the principles and practices of Jesus. Empower and equip people for ministry and leadership.

Go proclaim

Actively participate in the community by responding to practical needs. Connect people with Jesus Christ -- locally, nationally and internationally -- in mission and evangelism.

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Core beliefs and values

We believe that God, our holy creator, knows us intimately, loves us forever and is always with us.
Therefore we will conduct our lives in the likeliness and principles of a loving God.

We believe that Jesus is God accessible. His life is our example, His death is our ransom, His resurrection is our power.
Therefore we will respond to His love through obedient discipleship.

We believe in the Holy Spirit, God's pursuing Spirit, that convicts us of our sin, unites us to one body in Christ, and dwells with us to empower us to bear witness.
Therefore we will receive the Holy Spirit into our heart to unite and equip us to the glory of God.

We believe in the Bible, the inspired word of God that is the authority for living our Christian life in faith, hope and love.
Therefore we will read the Bible daily and use it as the ultimate guide for conducing our lives.

We believe in the church, a community united by faith, using God's gifts to encourage, serve and give witness to God's glory.
Therefore we will join together to devlop a ministry of support, encouragement and outreach.

We believe in worship, a time of celebration, recognizing God's glory, confessing our sins and surrendering our lives.
Therefore we will gather to procalaim God as the center of our lives with thankfulness and humility.

We believe in humanity, uniquely crafted in God's image, scarred by sin, reconciled by Jesus Christ to glorify God in His creation.
Therefore we will respect all of God's people, pray for their salvation, and assist those in need.

We believe in sin and salvation; all are sinners and offered the gift of salvation and eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.
Therefore we will admit we are sinners, accept God's full gift of salvation and help others enter into a right relationship with God.

We believe in edifcation, letting all our words and work build up others according to the will of God.
Therefore we will demonstrate the love and kindess of God by using our gifts to pursue peace and teach others for the growth of the Body of Christ.

We believe in prayer, and that God hears us as we persistenly commune with Him in the powerful name of Jesus.
Therefore we will continually develop and deepen our relationship with God; confident in his purpose.

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Our affiliations

We are affiliated with:

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